In 2012 I embarked on a crazy journey—I ran across the country from New York City to San Francisco. Over the course of 4 months I ran 30 miles per day until I reached San Francisco. Obviously, nutrition was an important part of my safety covering 3,400 miles. Jeannie’s guidance was invaluable. She began advising me as I trained prior to my journey and continued with me throughout the 4 month run. I was able to send her my daily intake logs and tell her my activity levels and she advised me based on terrain (hilly, flat, altitude), output (more running, walking days, etc), and weather (heat, humidity, snow, etc). She worked with me to design diet suggestions based on my preferences, the availability of certain foods (things look different in New York City than in Anthony, KS), and what my body needed. By some miracle, I believe it was my nutrition and mindset, I avoided having any injuries for the duration of my trip. Jeannie was honest, supportive, compassionate, informed, and I simply would not have crossed into San Francisco with that smile on my face if Jeannie had not been a part of my team. I cannot recommend her enough; she knows her stuff!

Kelcey Harrison
Cross country runner (literally)
Sales and Marketing Rep for SF Start-Up

I’m lucky to travel to several events around the globe and I must say the HSBC Pre- US Open tennis event at Forest Hills ranks right up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen. The tennis was great. The invited pros were awesome. The atmosphere had a family picnic feel to it and the food provided by Jean Varney was perfect! Maui Jim would like to be a part of next years event again.

John Romain
Global Director Golf/Tennis
Maui Jim Sunglasses

Having worked in TV for 15 years, with its unpredictable travel schedules, its early mornings and late nights, and the hours and hours spent at various hotels and airports around the country, I found that my biggest obstacle was my diet. I always found time to workout, but it was just so hard to eat healthy consistently when I was on the go. That is, until I met Jeannie. Jeannie, in her calm and brilliant way, opened my eyes to a whole world of culinary options. From an in-depth grocery store tour, where she helped me understand how to properly read labels and navigate my way up and down aisles, to afternoons in my apartment showing me how to prepare healthy food for the week, Jeannie took an overwhelming process and completely simplified it for me.

I now have multiple choices for fulfilling breakfasts, daily snacks, even airport food. I’m rarely hungry in between meals, and when I am, I now know what to eat and what fuel my body needs to keep it satisfied. I am in control now, and for a TV gal, nothing makes me happier.

Jenna Wolfe – NY
Correspondent NBC “Today Show”

When I first met Jean, I was miserable. I had been recently diagnosed with mast cell activation disorder, and had already been diagnosed with MS. Food was a major trigger for allergic reactions for me. I was living on a diet of rice and potato. I had no energy and could not tolerate standing for prolonged periods of time. My hair was thinning and limp.

My appearance was reflective of my poor health and of my poor diet. I was fearful of eating as a potential hazard to my health. It had taken a series of physicians to get to the root of my problems, but none really provided guidance in terms of my diet. As a physician, I had tried to research my condition and the relationship of food to it, but I was still at a loss for what to eat. I knew that I would only improve if I could achieve a better diet. I had also become so isolated in terms of not being able to go to restaurants with friends. or travel. Jean recommended fish oil supplements, and patiently read my food diary. She was able to discern what foods and which of my own supplements were making me sick. Within months, my hair returned to its original thick state, and my energy is much better. I was able to resume exercising, and living a much more “normal” life. I cannot express enough how much Jean changed my life for the better.

Michelle B.

Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well proves that delicious tasting, healthy food is not an oxymoron. Jean, you can invite me over any time 🙂  As ever hungry.

Martina Navratilova
Professional Tennis Player

It turns out that good nutrition is easy… though not necessarily simple, as in “simply cut out carbs,” or “simply drink this protein shake filled with artificial flavors and chemicals twice a day.” In Jeannie’s 14 week program, I learned how to give my body what it is really craving. Her approach is highly individualized, science-driven, common sense, and inclusive of your whole self-fitness, relationships, goals, priorities, finding balance in one’s life. You will learn things about yourself that you never imagined. She gives you the information, tools, and motivation to change not just what you eat, but your attitude toward food. At 53, I am so relieved to know I won’t have to spend the next 40 years obsessing about food, and can devote my energies (of which I now have a lot more) to the things I really care about.

Fay Wheeler Sunshine
McLean, VA

I was introduced to Jean a few weeks after I had a bike accident which required major shoulder surgery. I was training for the Ironman World Championships when I was injured. I had been working to get my weight down for the race, so my nutrition and food choices became more important than ever when I found out I could not train for eight weeks. Meeting Jean at this point in my life was meant to be! She was so supportive, inspiring, and took such a genuine interest in my goals, I felt I found a life coach!

As an Ironman athlete who does not eat meat or fish, it is challenging to get enough protein. Jean was helpful and creative (I am a very picky eater) in her approach to get more protein in my diet. Initially the goal was how to fuel my body properly while not training to keep my weight down. Then as the training volume picked back up Jean really helped me figure out the balance of what my body required to lose weight and train/race at peak performance. I learned so much from Jean and use so many of her ideas in my daily life. I ended up having a great race with only two weeks of training before the race and I really believe Jean played a large part in that—she helped me keep my weight down, but more importantly she was so encouraging throughout the eight weeks I missed of training. She made me believe!

Christine Kenney
Banker/Accomplished Ironman Triathlete
New York City

Within a world laced with hyperbole, it is no exaggeration to say that Jean Varney has changed my wife and my lives. My goals were focused on weight loss and improved health, while my wife was focused on bone density, better nutrition, and a significant reduction in sugar consumption. Jeannie works as a coach, a technician and a buddy, making the whole process of nutritional evolution interesting, enlightening, and fun. She is completely invested in her clients, and amazes with her responsiveness and the depth of what she shares. The good news? I have dropped from 177 lbs to 150 lbs in just over 4 months, and my wife has exceeded all of her goals as well. The even better news? We LOVE what we are eating. This is not a fad or a diet. Rather we have made a lifestyle change that we fully embrace and expect to be in place in perpetuity. And if you feel like we do, that’s going to be a very long time! We’ve changed our lives and gained a life-long friend. What could be better?

Ben Thorndike
Business Executive
Boston, MA

Through my work with Jean over the course of 4 months I have gained a sense of control, eliminated the allergens from my diet with ease, and feel empowered to live a happier life. Jean’s practical advice and hands on strategies allowed me to develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and my body which resulted in an increase in energy, better sleep, less stress, and more self awareness from the inside out. I learned to love the art of cooking, savor my time in the grocery store, and I even took up a new sport. Our work together goes far beyond eating the right foods. It also had a positive effect on my personal relationships, time management, spiritual practice, and how I show up in my life & business. I discovered more clarity as to who I am, gained confidence in myself, and I’m having more fun allowing me more time to focus on the meaningful work I want to do in the world. Jean has played a key role in my life and success and I couldn’t have gotten to the next level of my life without her support and guidance.

Nicole Indelicato
Philanthropist and Entrepreneur
New Jersey

I recently attended a corporate event where the menu was designed by Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well. I have been to a lot of these functions over the years and the food is not normally memorable. Jean Varney seems to have hit on a formula where the food is interesting, healthy, and tastes great.

Ivan Lendl
Professional Tennis Player

Jean has a unique ability to take nutrition science and make eating healthy accessible and simply achievable. Working with her was one of the most important investments that I made in my health, career, and life. She deeply cared about my success and infused me with nutritional knowledge that has dramatically changed the way that I live my life as it relates to what I eat and how I eat it.

Nick Garramone
Media Executive/Marathoner/Ironman Triathlete
New York City

I cannot thank Jeannie Varney enough for all her help in making a permanent change in my lifestyle of foods and health. I was on my way to becoming diabetic. My glucose levels were high. I wanted to lose 10 pounds also. Her gentile coaching and superior knowledge about nutrition and exercise helped me to focus on what foods to eat and how to avoid the foods which would eventually not be good for me. I lost 12 pounds, from 135 to 123 and at 5’3 1/2 inches I am at the weight I was when I got married 42 years ago. I’ve tried other diet programs and they lasted only for a few months. As a tennis player and a 66 year old woman, I feel stronger and more agile on the court and sure like what I see in the mirror. My clothes are more comfortable and I feel overall much better. The lifestyle change Jeannie has shown me is one I plan to keep of the rest of my life. It’s not a diet. It’s a change of thinking about health and nutrition. Thank you so much Jeannie!!!

Nancy Benson
DeWitt, NY

I was referred to Jeannie from a close friend of mine. I didn’t have a weight problem, so I naturally thought I was eating the right things… well, I wasn’t. Working with Jeannie was an education in what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to start my day, and how to end my day. She focused on the issues which I wanted to improve (i.e. blood pressure, energy levels, etc) and she created a plan for me which has worked way beyond my wildest expectations. I can easily say that Jeannie has dramatically improved my life and for that I am very grateful!

Matt Palmieri
New York City

Jeannie is a world-class listener who put together tailored recommendations and solutions to fit my life. Her approach is holistic with practical steps that could be incorporated into my routine right away. I experienced an increase in my energy level within weeks of making the changes she suggested. Jeannie’s passion for good nutrition and exercise is contagious! She is her own best advertisement for what a healthy lifestyle can do for you. She has an impressive mastery of the complex nutrition field with all its controversies, and the creativity to apply it to my own circumstances in usable ways. I felt like I was doing something good for myself every session I attended!

Nicki Watts
HP Executive
McLean, VA

Following my annual checkup, I discovered my cholesterol levels were dangerously high. Encouraged by my doctor to change my diet and lifestyle, I enrolled in Jeannie’s 3 month program. She quickly made adjustments to the food I was eating, encouraged me to start exercising, and provided me with recipes that I could make at home with ease. Within weeks, my energy level and mental focus had dramatically improved. By the completion of the program, I had dropped 12 pounds and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels had returned to near normal range averting the need for medication. Jeannie’s program went beyond finding out what food to put in my body in order to lose weight. Understanding that none of us are exactly the same she specifically addressed my needs with advice tailored to my concerns. I feel like she has added years to my life.

Michael Snyder
Four Seasons Corporate Sales
Los Angeles, CA

Working with Jeannie Varney as my health coach was a life changing experience. Her attention to my needs and guidance allowed me to gain insight into my personal well-being and to feel more energized and nourished inside and out. Her knowledge of making better food choices and sharing that knowledge not only allowed me to improve my eating habits but that of my entire family. Everyone should take the time to work with Jeannie… it will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Emily Spiker
Ski Instructor/mother of 2
Vienna, VA

I went to Jeannie to lose the weight I had gained by eating out every day for many years. Losing weight began with cooking at home but I always found cooking to be a complicated and frustrating experience—if I didn’t have an ingredient, I either had to switch recipes or make an extra trip to the store. Jeannie encouraged me to experiment with food and taught me that making small changes in a recipe could yield big results. I went to Jeannie to lose weight but I walked away with something more—a new love for cooking which will last a lifetime! I’m so grateful!

Katherine R.
Washington, DC

I find myself at a loss for words to explain what a profound impact Jeannie has had on my quality of life. Before meeting her, I was struggling with my relationship with food and I knew I needed someone with concrete knowledge to set me on a straight path. At first, I was a bit skeptical about going to a complete stranger with my deep-seated problems, but Jeannie made me feel so welcomed and accepted that I couldn’t wait for each upcoming session with her!

Jeannie was by my side through each and every challenge I faced. She was always incredibly responsive and understanding of what I needed just at the right time. Until getting to know Jeannie, I didn’t understand how my food choices impacted the rest of my being—not just my body, but my mind, relationships, moods, sleep, and more.

To me, Jeannie is way more than a Health and Wellness Coach. Of course, she was very knowledgeable about a wide variety of nutritional topics. But with her great advice, warm personality, and respect for my personal goals, she quickly became a confidant. She has played an integral part in changing the way I see “nourishment,” and I’m so lucky to have formed a deep friendship that will last for many years to come.

Liz E.
INOVA Employee, runner and volunteer
Arlington, VA

A well-known British philosopher and mathematician of the 20th century defined the good life as one that is inspired by love and guided by knowledge. He lived to the ripe old age of 98. Jean Varney majored in mathematics as a college student and has found her life’s calling as coach to those who are seeking to improve their life through wise and healthy eating habits. She brings to this endeavor a vast amount of knowledge and an abundance of love. She is very dedicated to her work and the people she serves.

It was my good fortune to have learned about Jeannie and her mantra “eat right, be fit, be well” at a critical juncture in my life. My first conversation with her took place when I was four months into retirement and shortly after I had made a routine visit to the doctor’s office for the results of a physical exam. The results of that exam revealed the shocking news that I was pre-diabetic and headed toward a condition that would require me to use insulin. Jeannie became my coach. She enabled me to modify my diet and change my eating habits. She guided me into a routine of consistent physical activity. Over a period of ten weeks she helped me achieve great results. In that span of time, I lost 22 pounds and had my waistline shrink a little bit more than two inches. Also changed for the better was my hypertension condition. At the end of that ten week period my family physician was so pleased with the changes that my new life style had wrought (revealed in lab reports of my blood analysis) that he took me off blood pressure medication. Needless to say the specter of having to take insulin had been averted.

Thanks Jeannie for bringing me deeper into the experience of the good life.

Peter B.
Retired and Active
Syracuse, NY

What a great experience Jeannie has given me. Thru the years I have looked all over the place to find someone to guide me on my journey to good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I finally found her!

Liz Hopwood
Retired and Happy

My experience with Jeannie was life changing. She was instrumental in helping me to eat well, to obtain balance in my life, and to take care of myself first so, I could best take care of my family.

Her vast knowledge of nutrition really helped me to identify foods that were perceived as healthy but, in reality, loaded with sugar, and preservatives. I have eliminated those foods from my diet and increased my exercise which in turn helped me to lose twenty pounds in the last six months.

Jeannie really takes her commitment to making a healthier you very seriously. She was not only a Nutrition Coach but a Life Coach who became a friend.

Nicole Jost
Hotel Management/Mother of 2
Coppell, Texas

The Grocery Tour with Jeannie was fantastic. It was an adventure exploring Whole Foods with her. She helped me discover a ton of healthy, fresh food items as well as packaged foods. She incorporated nutritional advice, simple cooking techniques, and recipes as well as guidelines for a healthy lifestyle into the tour. I am savvier about my purchases now, have more fun shopping, and am inspired to prepare healthy, delicious meals for me and my family.

Mother of 3 boys
N. Bethesda , MD